Photo via Bryan Green on Flickr

Francisco Rodriguez, the Detroit Tiger’s closer has confessed that during the off-season he had contracted and was recovering from the Zika virus. Rodriguez was allegedly stuck in bed, ill, for two weeks during the off-season, and that it took him a total of two months to fully recover from the virus.

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Rodriguez reportedly contracted the Zika virus on a trip home to visit his family in Venezuela where the virus has been spreading in recent months. His symptoms started off innocently enough with a cold, but his condition began to deteriorate when he started experienced worsening headaches, pains and body aches that would not go away. With general weakness and vomiting too, it was clear that Rodriguez was not just sick with a common cold. After a visit to a Doctor, he was diagnosed with the Zika virus.

With the upcoming 2016 Rio Olympics around the corner, the Zika virus has become a cause for concern. Rodriguez himself said that he would not blame other athletes if they did not want to attend. The virus has been affecting many Brazilians and has been linked to birth problems such as Microcephaly. There have also been links to neurological damage in older patients. Microcephaly entails being born with a smaller head (that also stops growing after birth) that leads to other serious health complications, including learning disabilities, convulsions and other physical disabilities. This is a worry to citizens of Brazil and Venezuela, and Olympic athletes alike as there is currently no known treatment for this mosquito-borne virus that is wreaking havoc in the lives of many. But the World Health Organization (WHO) does not seem too worried; it would appear as they have just rejected the proposition of 150 health professionals to moving the location of the Olympics or postponing it until the virus is under control and less people are being infected by it. The World Health Organization were insistent that hosting the Olympics in Rio would not greatly contribute to the further spread of the Zika Virus. There is also no vaccine for the virus, so people cannot adequately protect themselves in this regard.

While it remains unclear as to whether the virus will impact on the Olympic turn out, we are all very happy that Rodriguez has spoken out about his experiences, and is now feeling much better than he was before.