Everyone familiar with college football’s biggest rivalry has heard about Jim Harbaugh’s famous guarantee. In 1986, then the starting quarterback for Michigan, Harbaugh guaranteed a victory over the Buckeyes in Columbus to win the Big Ten and go to the Rose Bowl. Harbaugh and the Wolverines made good on that promise, defeating Ohio State 26-24 and capturing a Big Ten championship in the process.

Unless you let Urban Meyer tell the story.

A graduate assistant at Ohio State during the 1986 season, Meyer had sideline seats to The Game but something is amiss in his recollection.

“I actually remember it very well, I remember we won the game. We started the season bad, lost two games, Alabama and Washington, got smoked at Washington, and went on a nice run, I think nine straight or something like that. And they lost to Minnesota, and then we had the… Vince Workman had a touchdown, and we missed a field goal right at the end and went to the Cotton Bowl and won that. So I remember it very well.”

No word yet if Meyer is set to enter concussion protocol before Saturday’s game but judging by how very well he remembers winning, he may be suffering severe symptoms. Something tells me Harbaugh wouldn’t mind a similar “loss” this time around.