LOOK: Tom Brady blesses Instagram with the funniest comment of all time


*Que ESPN 30 for 30 music*

What if I told you Tom Brady’s greatest win wasn’t on the football field, or in the wedding chapel? That one man, just a day after winning the Super Bowl, would turn a meme into a memory…

DSN Films presents: ‘Tom Brady: InstaFamous”.

If you were on any form of social media in the aftermath of Super Bowl LI then surely you have seen the meme of Tom Brady with his hands folded on the bench, as the TV score looms over him hauntingly and reads NE:0, ATL: 20.

Of course, Brady and the Patriots came back from that deficit to defeat the Falcons and win the Super Bowl. That’s not the important part here. The meme is objectively hilarious. So hilarious in fact, it caught the attention of Brady when comedian Elliot Tebele put it up on Instagram.

However, Brady had the perfect comeback as to what was going on in his ‘prayer’ when things looked dark for the Patriots.

If you don’t know what Brady is referring to, way back in 2007 he and the 18-0 Patriots lost in the Super Bowl to the New York Giants due in large part to Giants receiver and single-claim-to-fame legend David Tyree making the greatest play in Super Bowl history.

The Patriots entire comeback felt almost like vengeance for the Tyree catch. As if they had finally gotten the one back that they missed out on

Fan of Brady or not (I’m not), this was the best response imaginable. He took the joke in stride and topped it with one of his own. That’s what a GOAT does.