Getting coaches fired: LeBron James’ greatest skill

The guys discuss the tumultuous journey it has been for LeBron James and head coaches. If you coach LeBron James, you should probably put a for-sale sign up after the first season.

LeBron James, LeBron James
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Matt Bassin: There's drama in LA LA land and LeBron is at it again. Man, Head Coach comes in, Head Coach goes out. We've seen this before. Frank Vogel, Los Angeles Lakers already agreeing to split at year's end.

Uh, we. It depends on how you look at it with LeBron James' situation. Like you think of all the greats that have played the game of basketball. Michael Jordan had Phil Jackson, Kobe and Shaq had Phil Jackson, Magic had Pat Riley, you know, Larry Bird had some pretty decent coaches out in Boston, Casey Jones, pretty good one. 

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You got LeBron.

Who's the greatest head coach that's really coached for him now, by the time his career is done, we're going to say Erik Spoelstra. Absolutely. But when Erik Spoelstra coached him, Erik Spoelstra wasn't Erik Spoelstra. He was the guy behind Pat Riley, essentially. And then he became the guy in front of Pat Riley and Pat Riley was kinda doing this behind him (puppet gestures), but LeBron and head coaches have never been a good mesh.

And here we are again. A team that, let's not mince words here, LeBron put together and shocker, because this happens every time, it's not working. So Vogel getting the boot. 

Ryan Griffin: Yeah. The only thing I, I guess I'd pushed back on is as far as their exposure, like when Phil Jackson was coaching the bulls the first time like he wasn't Phil Jackson yet.

But, you know, Erik Spoelstra is a really good coach. They had that top, what 12 NBA coaches ever, or something of all time. And I'm pretty sure he was on that list that came out. Yeah, a couple, uh, a couple of weeks ago, maybe like a month or two ago at this point. 

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Yeah. I mean, it's definitely not Vogel's fault, whatever's happened with Los Angeles. You gave him, uh, always injured Anthony Davis, you gave him a Russell Westbrook who doesn't appear like he wants to take any role besides what Russell Westbrook has always taken, which is the number one, man, I'm going to get my numbers. You know, I'm going to turn the ball over. They asked them about it in the press conference. He says I’ll just turn it over again. What are you going to do about it? 

And then, you know, you give them a Lebron James, who is a great teammate on the basketball court, but off the court, I can't imagine he's so endearing too, you know, all these different players, and then the rest of the Lakers roster, like truthfully is just garbage.

Like Avery Bradley plays a bunch of minutes for them. Avery Bradley got cut by the Warriors before the season started. Who else do they have? Austin Reeves has been better than I guess you thought he would be, but other than that, they're relying on minutes from guys like Dwight Howard, or just like older stars. This is the oldest team. 

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Literally, the oldest team in NBA history and you gave Frank Vogel this roster two years ago, they won a title, a lot of that was probably COVID aided since it allowed LeBron and Anthony Davis, you know, to rest their bodies at the end of the regular season before the bubble ramped back up.

But I don't think Frank Vogel was a bad coach. I don't think any of the pitfalls with Los Angeles are really his fault, but much like with LeBron teams we've seen in the past and really any team that has a star and they just kind of fizzle out after a while. You know, the coach is always the one who feels like, you know, ends up getting punished or blame.

Typically you're not moving on from the star. You're going to move on from the coach.

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