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Gibson to skip ’84 Tigers reunion

The Tigers are scheduled to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their 1984 World Series title on June 30th, but one of the fan favorites from that team will be noticeably absent. , currently the manager of the , says he will not fly to Detroit for the ceremony, despite the Diamondbacks being off that day.

The Michigan State alum and Pontiac, MI native hit one of the most iconic home runs in Tigers history in Game 5 of the 1984 World Series, helping give Detroit their 1st title since 1968.

While Gibson will stay in the desert, his bench coach and 1984 teammate Alan Trammell will be a part of the reunion. Trammell was the MVP of the 1984 World Series and managed the Tigers briefly from 2003-2005 where Gibson was also a bench coach.

Detroit makes their only visit to see Gibson and the Diamondbacks from July 21 – 23.

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  1. Linda Doan Smith, I was 9 in 1984. I remember watching all those great players at tiger stadium but the ’84 series I’ m too young to care too much about. But seriously, my point was that there are so many other greats showing up who cares about gibby.

  2. No Steve LeVine, all sports are not stupid stuff! I love baseball…just not gibby! I was just trying to say that I don’t care if gibby shows up because I would rather see some of the other classy players rather than gibby. I’d rather watch the game than get caught up in the drama.

  3. He’s a big league Manager. He has NO days off from mid-February until late September. And, if he’s lucky, not until early November. Cut him some slack, Haters…

  4. There’s a lot to this decision. First, Kirk is an intensely private man. He always has been. He is extremely appreciative of the fans. Kirk, being a simple person, never really understood people’s fascination with celebrity. He sees himself as a just a guy who played a game. This has much more to do with Sparky Anderson. He is angry his number wasn’t retired while living and is very hostile towards the Ilitch family. There are hurt feelings for the Ilitch family taking Pudge’s side and not backing Alan Trammell. Of course, he’s busy managing. So, there were a lot of reasons but the fans weren’t one of them.

  5. Didn’t he miss his own son’s graduation? It seems this is just how he is. May not be the nicest of individuals but was great on the field for us.

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  7. I met him Krystal. His is all ego, never cared for his fans. I met most all of the 84 Tigers and he was the only one who not only wouldn’t sign any autographs, but would actually push kids out of his way. He was mean.

  8. Maybe he has bigger personal issues going on. If not, he should be there but he doesn’t seem to be involved in any events involving the ’84 Tigers

  9. This just proves what the media has written, team mates have said, his OWN Mother said, and I experienced at a Pizza Hut in St Clair Shores a long time ago—Kirk is a JERK.

  10. Forget where you cane from, Man? I grew up in Tiger Stadium & vividly remember you young as I Tiger. Had you not done what you did in the D, LA woulda never been interested. Remember that.

  11. Gibby should be there! Detroit is where he started and that’s where he made his name….pull out all the pressure him to be there… I’ll lose some respect for him if he doesn’t!

  12. Trammel, A class act all the time and a member of Gibson’s coaching staff can make it, but Gibson can’t (as if one day is going to impact the Diamondbacks season) I bet sweet Lou will be there too. Frankly, I’m not surprised, disappointed but not surprised. When he retired did he even retire as a Tiger or was he a Dodger? An obvious athletic talent who has always let his big head and enormous ego get in the way.

  13. I care. The “Roar of 84” was one of the best Tiger years ever. It would be nice to see as many of those players as possible but Gibby has to do what’s best for him and his team. No reason to disparage him because he can’t/won’t come.

  14. saw him a few times in the off season, let the man do his job, he gave every ounce he had when he was a tiger, nobody can fk with him, always a tiger..

  15. Let me correct myself…I don’t care! Is that better? It’s like the ausmus comment today. People care way too much about stupid stuff.

  16. Whatever!
    Times have changed….apparently he has a beef with not getting all the fan recognition he thinks he should have.
    Show up for appearances and the fans will be there! Come’on Gibby! show up, sign some graphs and have some fun!

  17. He wouldn’t even be in the position he’s in had it not been for our boys in 84! This just puts a foul taste in my mouth. The fans want to show their thanks and appreciation for our most recent world series win! Come on Gibby! You could barely run the bases when you hit a homer but can’t get on a first class flight nowadays? Go Tigers!

  18. Why? That was one of the greatest teams of all time, and look at the guys on that team Tram, sweat Lou, Chet Lemon, Parrish, Morris, Hearndon and the list goes on!

  19. And Tigers fans cry for him to get hired every time their is an opening for Manager , the dude does not want to be here. By the way, he is a pretty bad Manager.

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