Give me Baker over Goff in Detroit


Baker Mayfield would make the Lions more enjoyable than Jared Goff.

A.J. and Matt argue Baker vs. Goff taking snaps in Detroit.

Matt Bassin: All right. Yeah. Over the last two years, Goff has had more yards than Baker. But Baker's got more touchdowns. They have the same number of interceptions. Baker's got more yards per attempt. He's got more rushes for more yards. He's got two fewer touchdowns, but all of Goff's came with the Rams he didn't get. He wasn't really rushing them here in Detroit, but baker Mayfield just in the way he is, he is more outgoing and, golf is a little more reserved and there's just that, that To be a little more dynamic than Jared got.

Now I am not saying that Baker Mayfield. There's going to turn us into a winner. We are not going to be winners next year. Anyway, we might get to around 500. If everything goes well, if everything goes well, I think we get around seven and nine, or what is it now? No, sorry. Eight. So he used the 16 game seasons, eight and nine, seven, and 10.

Something like that. If everything goes well in my mind, that's our ceiling because we're still not a good football team yet. Now Holmes still has time with the draft and everything coming up. But for just entertainment as a lions fan, why wouldn't you rather have Baker Mayfield?

A.J Reilly: When you position it like that…

Matt Bassin: Yeah, for entertainment purposes as a fan of football, that's what I want.

Entertain me.

A.J Reilly: I just, I've never been impressed with Baker Mayfield, and I understand that there is hype coming out of college because he won the Heisman trophy as a system quarterback. But if you look at Baker Mayfield, he's had a good year. He's had a below-average year. Is that a good year? He's had a below-average year now.

There's going to be, that's where I was like, okay. Maybe for one year, but, I don't know, there's the only way you do this is if it financially makes sense. Because we have, and I have to remember the number, because I don't know it off the top of my head, but Goff already has his contract for next year, which is a significant amount of money.

Matt Bassin: Got a big one from the Rams before. Right over here,

A.J Reilly: Baker, I think has 18,

Matt Bassin: just almost 19, 18.8 in salary.

A.J Reilly: So a lot of money to tie up for just entertainment value. If you can get the Browns to eat a portion of that, like the Teddy Bridgewater deal

Matt Bassin: The Browns know this by now. They're going to have to eat part of it to get any, cause he's got no shooters. He's got no real fears. So they know they have to eat part of this contract.

A.J Reilly: And that to me speaks volumes. First of all, there are not many teams that are very interested in getting him because why would you want your quarterback to literally be a flip of the coin on the season that you're going to have is either going to be good or it's going to be below average, or it's going to be good, or he's going to be below average, right?

[easy-tweet tweet=”When you go into the horseshoe and then you plant your flag in the middle of the field of a turf field where it's not going to stand up anyways, that shows me the intelligence that you're working with.” user=”@detsportsnation” hashtags=”#bakermayfield” url=””]

I've just never been impressed. Like I'm not an Ohio State fan, as you can tell by any stretch of the imagination, but when you go into the horseshoe and then you plant your flag in the middle of the field of a turf field where it's not going to stand up anyways, that shows me the intelligence that you're working with.

And I'm like, I don't want this guy really leading my team, and then, I forget which bowl game it was, but the other team like did the tough guy thing and refused to shake hands. So Bakers like sitting there clapping in their face. That's not what I want from my quarterback, because that tells me that he is leading a lot more emotionally than he is intellectually.


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