Glenn ‘Shemy’ Schembechler says he does not believe his brother’s comments about Bo

On Thursday, Matt Schembechler, who is the step-son of former Michigan football coach Bo Schembechler, revealed at a press conference that he was sexually abused by Dr. Robert Anderson and that Bo did nothing about it and actually punched him when he told him he was being abused.

A day later, Bo’s biological son, Glenn ‘Shemy’ Schembechler said that he does not believe what his brother Matt said about his father and that had Bo known anything was going on, he would have made sure Dr. Anderson was dealt with.

From Maize N Brew:

Glenn “Shemy” Schembechler, who is Bo’s biological son with his first wife Millie, revealed to ESPN on Thursday that he does not believe his brother’s story. He described his father as “as loving of a person as you could imagine” and that his father would have put a stop to the abuse of his players had he known about it.

“None of us were in that room when those players were talking to Bo,” Glenn Schembechler said. “The Bo I knew would have taken care of it and found another doctor. It would be that easy.”

Glenn Schembechler also told ESPN that he has not spoken with his brother in over 10 years and that there has been family strife for a long time. Matt Schembechler sued his father in 1999 in regards to a souvenir bleacher project he claims was sabotaged.

Glenn Schembechler, who is 10 years younger than his brother, did not push back against the accusations from former players, but did say that there was “no way” that Bo would have hit his brother or mother in response to such claims. He never witnessed any violence between his parents or siblings at home while he was younger.

“I was saddened, but I can’t say I was shocked,” Glenn Schembechler said in response to his brother’s story. “My heart goes out to the victims, but I know for certain that if Bo were here, he’d feel the same way. He would have gone to any lengths to help his players.”

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