Glover Quin throws Detroit Lions under bus following interview with Calvin Johnson

On Wednesday night, plenty of Detroit Lions fans tuned in to watch Glover Quin interview Calvin Johnson on his live podcast. Many of those fans assumed Johnson would have some interesting things to say about his time with the Lions but that was not what the interview focused on.

The only thing that Johnson said that was remotely “anti-Lions” was that he did not want to be drafted by them because they were too far north and he preferred to play closer to his home in Georgia. In fact, Calvin said his hope was that the Atlanta Falcons would select him but they had the seventh pick.

Following the interview, Quin caught wind of some folks bashing Calvin for saying he wanted to be drafted by Atlanta and he took the opportunity to bash the Lions for “using” Johnson “just like they do everybody else.”

Nation, do you think the Lions use their players? Or, do teams and players use each other all the time?


What do you think?

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