GM Brad Holmes makes head scratching comment about strength of Detroit Lions

Maybe Holmes did not understand the question

The 2021 regular season is in the books for the Detroit Lions and on Tuesday, GM Brad Holmes held his season-ending presser with the media.

During the presser, Holmes was asked about the strengths of the team and it was not surprising at all that he mentioned the offensive line (despite being banged up) and the running backs.

But the third unit Holmes mentioned (he actually mentioned them second) was the Lions defensive line.

“Offensive line, you could say the defensive line,” Holmes said. “You could argue that those are strengths of our team, but we do want to improve in all the other areas. I think our running backs did a really, really nice job.”

Wait, what? Holmes believes the Lions defensive line is a strength?

Now, to be fair, maybe he was answering the question in terms of what he believes the defensive line will look like in 2022 as Romeo Okwara will be back and a couple of the young pups will have a year of experience under their belt.

That being said, the Lions’ defensive line was awful in 2021. They did not get pressure on the quarterback and they certainly did not come close to stopping the run.

Since I love Brad and he has been almost in lock step with what I have been preaching, I will give him the benefit of the doubt on this one!

Below is the full video of Holmes end of the season press conference.

What do you think?

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