Golden Tate releases 3-team NFL destination wish list

Where will Golden Tate play in 2021?

Well, according to Tate, who is now 32, there are a few teams he is interested in joining.

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“I would love to go back home to Tennessee,” Tate told SiriusXM NFL Radio his wish list. “Indy, over with Carson Wentz. Obviously, the L.A. Rams would be fantastic with Stafford. I had my best years with Stafford. I really like the entire NFC West, to be honest.”

Tate added that he is like a fine wine that just gets better with age.

“I'm like a fine wine: I just get better with age,” Tate said. “I haven't had any major injuries. For the most part I'm on the field. I think I've been great in the locker room. Unfortunately, last year was kind of a COVID (issue) and everything going on just didn't go my way as far as getting the ball. But I made the most of the opportunities that I did have. You look at when I did get the ball in my hands. I was making contested catches in the slot, down the field, wherever it may be. I'm looking forward to just getting opportunities. Because I have no doubt once I get opportunities, I'll prove how good I am and how good I've been over the years.”

Should the Lions try to make a run at Tate even though it seems like he is focused on going to a contender?

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  1. I think Golden Tate would absolutely work as a quality slot receiver for the Rams. There is magic that happens between him and Matthew Stafford way back when. The awesome catch where he tippy toed the edge of the field only to keep his feet in and take it 40 some yds for a winning TD and many more. I personally was happy but in another way sad, Staff brought toughness and leadership to the Lions in a most quiet way. He would refuse to not take a Sunday off even if doctors ask him to take a break due to a minor nagging injury I never saw any quit in the young man. He only had one complete team having both sides of the ball pretty solid and that included Golden. So Golden give the Rams a decent one year contract, I think Matthew could use you, with the enormous task he’s been given to take a pretty much solid Team on both sides of the Ball and take them to Disney land. If it gets any heavier then that I certainly don’t know an example of it. The Lions will either look like chumps if he does and genius if he doesn’t. I’m kind of thinking the latter but that’s me. Lot of hype this coming season in the NFC West huge expectation’s from all four teams. I think the Rams and Niners definitely have some advantage especially the Niners with recent O line pickups in FA and the draft. But Go Lions and finally change the spirit and culture of the franchise as whole and the fan base needs to be all in to bolster the player’s confidence as they bite knee caps off and just play Balls out football.

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