GOTCHA! Detroit Lions troll former NFL VP of Officiating, Dean Blandino on Twitter

If you have been following the Detroit Lions over recent years, you are well aware that they get screwed by NFL officiating crews way too often.

Back in 2015, the Lions got the short end of the stick against the Seattle Seahawks when the football was punched out of the back of the end zone by a Seahawks player. The correct call would have been to penalize Seattle, but as we know, that did not happen.

At that time, Dean Blandino, who worked for the National Football League as their Vice President of Officiating, was in agreement with the non-call that ended up hurting the Lions. Since then, he has not been invited many Lions’ fans Thanksgiving dinners, to put it nicely.

Blandino, who is no longer the VP of Officiating for the NFL, gave his two cents on the Lions final offensive play against the Atlanta Falcons in Week 3. You know, the one where Golden Tate’s would be go-ahead touchdown was ruled just short of the goal line and a 10-second runoff was applied, ending the game. Shockingly, Blandino agreed with that call too. (Though he was right).

On Tuesday, Blandino posted a video message directed at Lions fans, asking if they could be besties.

Check it out:

Awe, how cute.

Later in the day, the whoever runs the Detroit Lions Twitter account had the perfect response to Blandino.


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It was awfully nice of you to send us a friend request, Dean, but to be completely honest, we are good to go.


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