Graham Glasgow explains why Detroit Lions were at the top of his list

Graham Glasgow is back after he recently returned to the Detroit Lions after signing a one-year, $4.5 million deal. Glasgow arrived in Detroit in 2016 as a third-round pick and quickly became a key player, starting 58 games in the trenches over the next four seasons. He proved he could play guard and center, but when the Lions spurned him in free agency, he signed a $44 million contract with the Broncos. However, Glasgow admitted he was bitter about the snub. He has now returned to the Lions to compete for a starting job at guard on what looks like one of the best fronts in the NFL, featuring two of his old friends, Frank Ragnow and Taylor Decker.

Graham Glasgow Detroit Lions

Key Points:

  • Glasgow returned to the Lions on a one-year, $4.5 million deal.
  • He played for the Lions from 2016 to 2019 before signing with the Broncos.
  • Glasgow started 58 games for the Lions and played both guard and center.
  • The Lions spurned him in free agency, causing Glasgow to sign with the Broncos.
  • Glasgow's return bolsters the Lions' already-strong offensive line, featuring Ragnow and Decker.

Graham Glasgow had Detroit Lions at the top of his list

While speaking to reporters, Glasgow explained why he had the Lions at the top of his list when it came to potential free-agent destinations.

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“There’s no better place for me to prove myself than where I’ve already proved myself before,” Glasgow said.

“And they were interested,” Glasgow said. “It came down to, like, here, San Francisco a little bit, Carolina a little bit, but I was mainly just on the train of, like, if we can get the contract to somewhere that I would be fine with it, I want to go through with it as soon as possible. And that’s what happened.

“I wanted to be a part of that O-line room, I wanted to be back with my buddies and I wanted to be a part of this team.” He mentioned Decker and Ragnow and said “being around guys who I genuinely like being around and enjoy seeing every day is going to be great.” He also said that as he was “looking for places to go,” the thought of stepping into a strong offensive line was “really enticing.”

“Just seeing how good they’ve been so far, you don’t get many opportunities to go join a place that already has an established line,” Glasgow said.

Big Picture: Graham Glasgow’s return adds depth to the Lions’ offensive line

Graham Glasgow's return to the Lions is significant for several reasons. First, he adds depth to an already-strong offensive line. Second, his familiarity with the Lions' system and players will help him adjust quickly and contribute right away. Third, Glasgow's signing shows that the Lions are committed to building a winning team, and they're willing to bring back players who have left the team in the past. Finally, Glasgow's return is a positive sign for Lions fans, who have suffered through several disappointing seasons. With Glasgow back in the fold, the Lions' offensive line looks even stronger, and they're poised to compete for a division title in the upcoming season.

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