Green Bay Packers fans think Detroit Lions will win NFC North

Even Green Bay Packers fans know what's up with the Detroit Lions.

In a recent NFL Reacts poll conducted by Acme Packing Company, Green Bay Packers fans were asked to choose the team they believe will win the NFC North. Surprisingly, a majority of respondents, 51 percent to be exact, selected the Detroit Lions as the division champions. This unexpected shift in sentiment indicates a change in perception and a newfound respect for the Lions, especially considering their role in eliminating the Packers from the playoffs this past season.

Detroit Lions Green Bay Packers

Key Points

  • Packers fans voted the Lions as the likely winners of the NFC North in a recent poll.
  • This signifies a notable change in perception and increased respect for the Lions among rival fans.
  • The Packers, who have traditionally been dominant in the division, came in second place in the voting.

Green Bay Packers fans think Detroit Lions will win NFC North

Here are the results of the poll:

Green Bay Packers Detroit Lions

Bottom Line – A surprising twist to divisional predictions

The fact that Green Bay fans, who are well-versed in the divisional rivalry, have shown support for the Lions speaks volumes about the changing perception of Detroit's team. The Lions' recent victory over the Packers, coupled with their offseason improvements, may have contributed to this newfound optimism among rival fans. It highlights the growing belief that the NFC North is becoming a more competitive and unpredictable division, making for an exciting upcoming season.