Gridiron Heroes: The Detroit Lions official fight song [Video]

    If you have ever been to a Detroit Lions football game, you are almost certainly familiar with the song that is belted out whenever they score. That song, of course, is “Gridiron Heroes,” and it is sung enthusiastically by Theo Spight. For quite a while, there has been a low-quality version of “Gridiron Heroes” floating around on YouTube, but it was kind of tough to hear. Well, that problem has been solved as Spight himself has recorded and uploaded a clean version so that you can listen to it whenever you choose to do so.

    Gridiron Heroes Detroit Lions Lions Fight Song
    Photo courtesy of Christopher Cordle

    How can I listen to the Detroit Lions' official fight song, “Gridiron Heroes”?

    Thanks to Theo Spight, we can now listen to a clean version of “Gridiron Heroes” whenever we want to.

    This is the official fight song for the Detroit Lions. It is played at all home games after every touchdown. The song is sung by Theo Gridiron Spight. Play this video anytime you feel like celebrating your Detroit Lions!

    Forward down the field and Go Lions!


    Forward down the field,
    A charging team that will not yield.
    And when the Blue and Silver wave,
    Stand and cheer the brave.
    Rah, Rah, Rah.
    Go hard, win the game.
    With honor you will keep your fame.
    Down the field and gain,
    A Lion victory!

    Click here for the link to YouTube

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