Haloti Ngata on rookie A’Shawn Robinson: ‘He’s going to be a great student of the game’

Considered a ‘steal’ in the 2016 NFL Draft, A’Shawn Robinson is grabbing the attention of fellow teammates and coaches.

About a month ago, general manager Bob Quinn said that he was ‘surprised’ that Robinson was available in the 2nd round at pick 46 when the Lions selected him. He is the kind of player you can build a defense around, as he is very intelligent in understanding the game of football and uses his strength to his advantage.

Veteran defensive lineman, Haloti Ngata talked about just that.

“He’s freaking big and strong.”

The Lions re-signed Ngata to a two-year deal this past March. He is a veteran presence and can assist in the development in the young players on the defensive side of the ball.

Ngata knows the Lions drafted a good one in Robinson. He’s very high on the talent level of Robinson and more importantly the kind of person he is.

“He’s going to be a great student of the game,” Ngata said. “He pays attention and just always corrects what he needs to correct.”

With injuries to Tyrunn Walker and Caraun Reid, Robinson has gotten the opportunity to be practicing with the first-team defensive unit during OTA’s, and defensive coordinator Teryl Austin likes what he has seen.

“He’s still learning our techniques because he played a completely different style of football at Alabama than we teach here. But he picks up things fast.” Austin said. “He has the athletic ability to do it. He has the strength and size to do it. It will be nice once we get into pads and he’s really taking on blocks — you know, full-on taking on blocks — learning how to do that stuff. Then we’ll see how good he is.”

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Austin continued and talked about how he sees Robinson being able to make the transition from college to the pro level.

“What’s got to happen is we’ve got to see him take that when we get in pads in the preseason. But the early reviews are good.” Austin said. “Athletically, strength-wise, he’s all the things we thought, and he can do what we’re going to need him to do. It’s just a matter of getting the repetitions added. … I think when you watch them in college, you know what they do and what they’re taught — and they’re well-taught at Alabama. Those guys do a phenomenal job. What you look at is when you go work them out: Can they move? Can they bend? Can they redirect? How powerful are they? He had all those traits, and so we thought it would be a no-brainer that he would be able to transition to play for us.”

What do you think, Nation? Will A’Shawn Robinson turn out to be one of the biggest steals of the 2016 NFL Draft?



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