What Happened to Nick Fairley?

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So as we all know, Nick Fairley has been demoted to second team defense.  “Well, why is this Dan? What happened to him?”  Well, let me tell you a story, it’s about a very hungry man, and a very hungry team who wanted to be successful.

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Nick Fairley reported to camp at a very reasonable 295 pounds, which was called “Too light” by his coaches.  Now, 295 is a fairly reasonable weight for a d-line player, I mean Geno Atkins weighs in at 303.  Well, Lions coaches thought that was too small for Fairley, who last year had conditioning and weight issues throughout the season.  So what did the coaches do to get Fairley’s weight up?   They fit Matthew Stafford for a hamburger outfit which I can only assume looked something like this:


The Coaching had him practice with it on so that Fairley would have motivation to reach the QB.  Also, for every sack he got during these sessions, he got a hamburger.  All the Lions were trying to do, was give Nick Fairley some motivation, but this “motivation” may have worked too well, as Fairley ballooned right up, and was no longer able to reach Stafford during practice, and became discouraged since he was no longer getting any hamburgers.  So what did Fairley do about it?  He went and bought his own hamburgers with his own money, which caused his rapid weight gain, demotion to second team defense, and most likely opened the door for his exit after the season.


Where did we go wrong with Nick Fairley?    He had so much potential, and potential to possibly be pretty quick off the line with having much less weight on him.  However, Lions coaching thought different, and maybe the way they went about this was all wrong?  We’ll never know, but all I know right now is that I want a hamburger too.  Nick, please stop eating and live up to your potential, we already know where you’re headed right now, and we don’t want to see it happen…


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Posted by Daniel Nowaczyk
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