Video: Havard Rugland aka Kickalicious Has Returned

Havard Rugland, better known as “Kickalicious”, has released a new video as part of a sponsorship with Pepsi. This time around, Rugland is making his tricks in Norway, and boy does it have some nice scenery in it. The video is proof why “Kickalicious”  is well known as a kicking savant.

If you’re a Detroit Lions fan, you’ll probably remember Rugland.  In March 2013, the Lions gave him a tryout and eventually signed him to the team in April. Rugland was battling David Akers for the kicking job and did have a nice preseason, making all three field goals when called upon.

Rugland, however, was cut, losing the job to Akers. For fans it was weird to see someone other than Jason Hanson kicking. 2013 was the first year Hanson was not the Lions’ kicker, so the Lions were looking for anybody who had a good foot to win the job.  Some say bringing in Rugland was a publicity stunt, and it may have been. What is for sure is that Rugland has some amazing kicking skills. Makes you curious to see if he could survive in the NFL as a full-time kicker for a team.

Here is Rugland’s claim to fame, his original video: