Have some fun with the Lions vs Packers broadcast

Nearly every Lions fan knows that Detroit hasn’t won in Wisconsin since December 15, 1991.

You can be sure that Fox play-by-play man Joe Buck and color commentator Troy Aikman will mention it–early and often.

And you know the inevitable graphic will be displayed showing how much a gallon of gas went for in 1991, who had the #1 single, and what the top-grossing movie at the box office happened to be.

So why not have fun with it?

Make a drinking game out of it. For professional drinking game veterans, start during the Fox pregame broadcast. Every time a talking head mentions that the Lions haven’t won in Wisconsin since the George Herbert Walker Bush administration, take a drink.

Then during the game, any time mention is made of the road losing streak–take another drink.

For those of you under the legal drinking age or for those that don’t imbibe, stand up and shout in your best Theo “Gridiron” Spight voice “Goooooooooooooo Lions!”

First, let’s take a look at the last game the Lions won in Wisconsin.

Detroit was favored by 3 points on the road, and would win by four points 21-17. The temperature at Lambeau was listed as 10 degrees at kickoff, with 15 m.p.h winds, causing a wind-chill factor of -6 degrees.

Erik Kramer completed 14-of-29 passes for 131 yards, with two touchdown passes. Both TD passes were caught by Robert Clark, as he hauled in a 19-yard pass from Kramer in the first quarter, and added a 3-yard score in the fourth.

Mel Gray returned a punt 78 yards for a touchdown in the fourth quarter as well.

Barry Sanders ran for 85 yards on 27 carries (3.1 yards per attempt–not one of his best performances).

The Packers got a rushing and receiving touchdown from Vince Workman. He scored on a 30-yard touchdown run in the first quarter to put Green Bay up 7-0.

He would add a 12-yard touchdown reception from Mike Tomczak to make the final tally 21-17 Lions.

Eddie Murray was good on all three P.A.T. attempts.

That was the last time Detroit won in Wisconsin.

So, here are some factoids you may see displayed on the Fox broadcast (they are very predictable):

So have some fun with the broadcast (FOX 1:00).  And if the Lions win, the losing streak will end at…

8,736 days. Which is 1,248 weeks. Or 209,664 hours.