HBO Sports to chronicle District Detroit disappointment

Credit: Olympia Development

While the new Little Caesars Arena in downtown Detroit has earned rave reviews from fans and commentators alike, the entire area around the arena known as “District Detroit” hasn’t been without its criticisms.

In a clip for an upcoming episode of Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, HBO takes a look at some of the unfulfilled promises of housing and retail that have yet to be started.

In the segment, according to HBO, “David Scott examines whether government officials in Michigan gave a sweetheart arena deal to the wealthy Ilitch family despite Detroit facing an 18 billion-dollar bankruptcy—the largest of any city in U.S. history.”

It was also noted by the Detroit News that the only developments outside of the new Little Caesars Arena are directly related to Ilitch Holdings: Wayne State University’s Mike Ilitch School of Business and the Little Caesars headquarters.

The episode will air Tuesday at 10pm.

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