Head Coach Jim Caldwell Praises Detroit Lions Work Ethic

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Detroit Lions news and rumorsDetroit ‘ head is pleased with what he has seen in his team so far this off season. Although he has been quoted as saying, “You’re never completely satisfied. You know that. I think we’ve made a lot of good progress.” Jim Caldwell isn’t going to let his players off easy, because he expects more out of them regardless of their performance. And that could be just what this Detroit Lions team needs.

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Being a head coach in the NFL is a difficult job. Being the head coach of the Detroit Lions seems borderline impossible. Taking over the reins of a franchise that has not seen a championship win since 1957 is not an easy task. Caldwell does like what he has seen in his new team, so far, though.

Among the players Jim Caldwell has been heard praising, Theo stands out like a sore thumb. A 3rd string RB isn’t likely to be a game changer, but that is not the case with Riddick. Caldwell said, “He’s eager, he’s hungry, he’s tough, (and) he can run. He’s a very, very fine route runner. He’s had a real fine spring, so I hope he continues to develop. We think he will.” Theo Riddick’s work ethic stands out amongst his teammates. Detroit Lions fans should keep an eye on Riddick, because he is poised to have a breakout game this season. Whether it be at RB, or on special teams, Theo Riddick is making sure that no one forgets about him just yet.

Another player that Lions’ head coach Jim Caldwell is praising is DeAndre . Levy caught his coach’s eye right away. Levy was one of the lone bright spots on the Lions defense last season, and is only continuing to grow as a player. Jim Caldwell had this to say about DeAndre Levy: “I think he’s just kind of scratching the surface of what he can be.”

Coach Caldwell has his work cut out for him this season. The Detroit Lions are coming off of a disappointing 7-9 finish, and are hoping that Jim Caldwell has what it takes to turn this team around. There is no question that the Lions are a talented team, but we will need coach Caldwell to turn their talent into success if the Detroit Lions will have any hope of reaching the playoffs.

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