Herman Moore finally opens up about Hall of Fame and he’s not happy

    When debating the greatest Detroit Lions wide receivers in franchise history, there is no debate about who the top two receivers on that list are. Of course, we are talking about Hall of Famer Calvin Johnson, and the great Herman Moore. But, despite Moore's outstanding career with the Lions, he has not yet been nominated for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. During a recent interview, Moore finally opened up about the Hall of Fame and it's safe to say that he's not too thrilled about not being on the ballot.

    Herman Moore Hall of Fame

    What did Herman Moore say about not being in the Hall of Fame?

    During a recent interview on the Detroit Lions Podcast's 24-Hour Live Stream for St. Jude, Moore opened up about not being on the Pro Football Hall of Fame ballot.

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    “They're going to bring it to me in some odd time or place, or I'm going to be away and have to accept it by satellite,” Moore said. “I'm telling you, I look at — and it gets to a point where I wasn't too concerned about it in the past. But, you know what, this is a game we play. You only get to do it, you're only blessed to play this one time. And, there's a legacy that you want, to close another chapter of your life. Yes, I would love to go to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Do I think I deserve it? Yes!”

    Moore continued, “When you base it on criteria of what is necessary to get there, based on your era and the time in which you played, it's more than just statistics. You know, if you're saying the statistics, then it's going to eliminate some people that they have on the ballot. If it's about All-Pro, then they're going to eliminate a lot of people on the ballot that's on there before me. And yet, I don't understand the how and the why? But, I take it as it comes. I just stay blessed that I'm loved here and that I'm respected here for things I did with Detroit.” 

    “Hopefully, the Hall of Fame will figure that out and realize that at least I should be on the ballot versus not at all,” Moore explained. “And then, when you look at comparing numbers to numbers with myself and the other receivers, it's just a complete snub. I mean, that's another nugget I'm telling you, it's a complete snub. Yes, Herman Moore is not happy about it, and he believes he should be on the Hall of Fame ballot. Only here have I said that. And, I'm saying it with true and pure honesty.”

    During his career with the Lions, Moore racked up 9,174 yards and 62 touchdowns. He also put up three straight first-team All-Pro selections (1995-1997) during his career in the Motor City.

    Nation, do you think Herman Moore should be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

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