Herman Moore has extremely bold strategy to fix Lions

The Detroit Lions are a broken franchise and they have been broken for a very, very long time.

Following an embarrassing Thanksgiving Day loss to the Houston Texans, Lions ownership finally made the decision to move on from Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia. It was a decision that should have happened a long time ago and it is a decision that should have included team president, Rod Wood.

So, the question is, how can the Lions franchise be fixed?

Well, according to former Lions' WR Herman Moore, who believes the franchises' continuous struggles are due to a “broken system.” While on the Stoney and Jansen Show on 97.1 The Ticket on Thursday, Moore said he believes “sweeping changes” need to be made and he suggested a pretty bold strategy to turn things around.

“I still believe that this is a position where it’s not even so much the coach as much as it is sweeping change across multiple parts of the organization itself that’s going to make a difference,” Moore told the Stoney & Jansen Show. “It happens on the field, but it happens in multiple departments where there’s responsibility that’s delegated to individuals who have a very specific thing they have to do that’s going to impact the job of the coach and the job of the GM and anyone who’s running player personnel. Right now, I think the system is broken. And that’s not just for the Lions, it’s for the NFL as a whole.”

“The typical thing is to think that you just hire for these traditional titles and that’s going to solve it because you go get the right GM or the right coach or other personnel. I think they need to break it up in terms of how it's done and get people that are going to be really committed to owning a certain piece and owning a certain level of accountability across the board, and divvy up that power, to really make it happen,” Moore said. “We’ve been down this path, I’m sure the fans have heard it. The organization can’t ignore it. At some point, you really have to do something different.”

“If I’m the person that's leading the charge, you just really want to make sure that the people are competent. If that means you have to create multiple roles and split that up amongst 12 people or 20 people instead of 3, then that’s what you have to do. But they have to own that space,” Moore said. “And then you just divvy up the cash, you don’t have to break the budget.”

“As a former player, I want to see this organization win, I 100 percent want to see them win. I 100 percent want to see the fans feel like they’re supporting a product and a team, just as you see with others, who have a tradition of accepting nothing less than winning,” Moore said.

And to make that happen, “there’s gotta be a bigger change than just, we’re going to change the coach or we’re going to change a person here or there,” he said. “It’s a broken system.”

Nation, do you agree with Moore's strategy?