Hey, Chris Ilitch: Are you actually cancelling TigerFest 2020?

For the past 24 years, Detroit Tigers fans have been able to get their winter baseball fix by seeing some of their favorite players and coaches up close and personal at TigerFest.

But that may be coming to an abrupt end in 2020, though the Tigers –for some unknown reason– have yet to make an official announcement.

A year ago, TigerFest 2019 was announced on Dec. 4, which means if it was going to happen, we would have information by now.

Tony Paul of the Detroit News recently tweeted out that he personally has reached out to the Tigers on multiple occasions to get an update, without a response.

So, Chris Ilitch, we are demanding an answer to the following questions.

Are you actually kicking your fans while they are down by canceling TigerFest? Are you planning on announcing this sometime soon? Are you planning on giving your fans a reason as to you are taking away the only good thing going in your awful organization?