Hot Take: DeShaun Watson is not a top 10 QB

The absolutely preposterous trade the Cleveland Browns made for Deshaun Watson is absurd considering Paul doesn't believe he's a top 10 QB in the league.

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Paul Rochon: You can debate if Deshaun Watson is in the top 10 quarterbacks, you think he is a top-five quarterback. I don't ever need to hear what you think about quarterbacks because you're wrong.

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It is just preposterous. Absolutely preposterous.

He is, listen, his entire offensive game. Half the time he was in Houston was either scrambling or throwing up a jump ball to either Will Fuller or Nuk that's what he did. We got, we got Hopkins on one side, Will Fuller, on the other one. He was healthy and we're just going to throw up a jump ball to them and they would come down with him a lot.

He grew a little bit, he got a little bit more accurate as a passer, but if we're talking about a complete franchise quarterback, reading a defense playing well in crunch time, delivering on time, accurate balls, manipulating good defenses.

He's not, he just has not shown it consistently.

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