How Detroit Lions can move into final playoff spot on Christmas Eve

Sunday Night Football is in the books, and though we did not get the tie we told everybody to root for in our Week 15 Detroit Lions Rooting Guide, the Lions are still in a solid position to earn their way into the 2022 NFL Playoffs. In fact, if three things go correctly on Christmas Eve, the Lions will hold the final NFC Wild Card spot by the time you tuck yourself into bed for a long winter's nap.

Detroit Lions

3 Things that must happen for the Detroit Lions to move into a playoff spot by Christmas Day

According to the ESPN Playoff Machine, the Lions can move into the final wild-card spot in the NFC playoff picture if the following three things happen on Christmas Eve.

  1. Detroit Lions defeat Carolina Panthers
  2. Kansas City Chiefs defeat Seattle Seahawks
  3. San Francisco 49ers defeat Washington Commanders

As we speak, the Lions, Chiefs, and 49ers are all favored to win on Christmas Eve.

Detroit Lions
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