How Episode 3 of Hard Knocks with the Detroit Lions could be the best episode yet

Two preseason games are in the books and on Saturday, the Detroit Lions picked up their first preseason victory of the Dan Campbell era and winning in the preseason is something Campbell thinks is important. You can bet there will be plenty of footage from the game and from what Campbell had to say to his team after the win on Episode 3 of Hard Knocks with the Detroit Lions, which airs tonight.

“It’s important. It’s very important. Especially with a young team and where we’ve been, where we’re coming from, and where we began to go at the end of the season,” Campbell said. “It has got to be part of our DNA, it has got to become part of who we are, and we have to embrace every moment and treat it like it’s your last moment because if you don’t and you just kind of accept it, then you’ll just be average or above average and that’s not good enough in this league. So, that’s a step in the right direction. I thought we got better these two days and I thought we got better today so this has been a good week for us.”

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3 Things to watch for on Episode 3 of Hard Knocks with the Detroit Lions

If Hard Knocks with the Detroit Lions features the three things listed below, it could end up being the best episode yet.

Fights (Skirmishes) that broke out during joint practices

Leading up to Saturday's game, the Detroit Lions and Indianapolis Colts had the opportunity to go head-to-head in some joint practices. On the first day of camp, things got a little bit heated between some of the players. With the Lions' players (at least some of them) being mic'd up for Hard Knocks, I am very intrigued to hear exactly what happened and some of the trash-talking that went on. You may want to have the kiddos leave the room for this portion of the show!

Dan Campbell's post-game speech

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As I mentioned earlier, Saturday's win over the Indianapolis Colts was the first preseason win of the Dan Campbell era with the Detroit Lions, and though preseason wins don't matter to many of the fans, every win matters to Campbell. I am interested to hear exactly what Campbell had to say to his players following the game and you can bet Hard Knocks will have it covered.

Coaches talking about camp battles

We are 19 days away from the start of the 2022 NFL regular season and there are still quite a few battles up for grabs for the Lions. Up to this point, HBO Knocks has not released much footage of the Lions' coaches talking about specific position battles, whether it be for starting spots or for spots on the final 53-man roster. This could be because the Lions have the final say on what footage is released but I really hope they give us a taste of what is being said. Specifically, I would be interested to hear exactly what is being said about David Blough and Tim Boyle as they battle for the No. 2 QB spot.

Nation, what are you looking forward to seeing on tonight's episode of Hard Knocks with the Detroit Lions?

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