How the Detroit Lions can quickly open up around $40 million in cap space

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The new NFL league year is set to begin on March 17. That also marks the first day that the Detroit Lions can officially trade Matthew Stafford to the Los Angeles Rams in exchange for Jared Goff and a trio of draft picks.

In order for the Lions to be able to fit Goff under the salary cap (he will have a $28.15 million hit), Lions’ new GM Brad Holmes will some work to do.

In an article published by Chris Burke of The Athletic, he explains how Holmes could quickly free up near $40 million in cap space but cutting some players who he may believe do not fit in the future plans.

From The Athletic:

If you want to get into the weeds here, last week’s article on the Lions’ 2021 salary-cap situation has you covered. The short version is that there are seven Quinn free-agent signings — Desmond Trufant, Justin Coleman, Nick Williams, Danny Shelton, Christian Jones, Chase Daniel and Jesse James — whose releases this offseason would save $30 million-plus for Detroit’s salary cap. Add in Joe Dahl ($2.875 million cap savings) and Kerryon Johnson ($1.37 million) and that number creeps close to $38 million.

But it’s not just the top of the roster that needs attention. New GM Brad Holmes almost certainly will churn the back half, too, and there are contracts that could add up: Nick Bawden ($780,000 cap savings if cut), Geronimo Allison ($850,000), Evan Brown ($920,000), Russell Bodine ($850,000), etc.

Nation, do you think the Lions should hang on to any of the players mentioned above, or are you fine with each and every one of them being cut before the new league year begins?

Buckle up! It is going to be an exciting month!

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