How the Detroit Lions can STILL make the 2022 NFL Playoffs

When you are in the business of writing about sports, you sometimes get bit in the butt for pre-writing an article that ends up needing to be trashed. Well, guess what just happened to me thanks to our precious Detroit Lions? That's right, folks, I had prewritten an entire article under the assumption that the Chiefs would beat the Seahawks (check), the 49ers would beat the Commanders (check), and, last but not least, the Lions would beat the Panthers (no check). Had those three things happened, the Lions could currently control their own destiny in terms of the 2022 NFL Playoffs. Instead, the Lions are now going to need some help along the way, but it is still possible.

Detroit Lions Jared Goff 2022 NFL Playoffs

How can the Detroit Lions STILL make the 2022 NFL Playoffs?

Despite losing to the Panthers in embarrassing fashion, the Lions still have a chance to make the NFL Playoffs, but they will need some things to go their way. (Click here to find out their exact chance following Saturday's Games)

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Mathematically speaking, the Lions do not have to win both of their final two games to get into the playoff, but since their chances are so low in that scenario (roughly a 5% chance), this scenario is based on the Lions winning their final two games (vs. Bears, at Packers).

In order for the Detroit Lions (7-8) to earn a berth in the 2022 NFL Playoffs, the Lions will have to leapfrog two of the three teams listed below.

  • New York Giants (8-6-1)
  • Washington Commanders (7-7-1)
  • Seattle Seahawks (7-8)

Let's start with the Giants. For the Lions to pass the Giants, the Lions have to win their final two games to finish at 9-8, while they need the Giants to lose their final two games (vs. Colts, at Eagles) to finish at 8-8-1.

As far as the Commanders go, if the Lions win their final two games, they will need the Commanders to finish 1-1 or worse in their final two games (vs. Browns, vs. Cowboys). In this scenario, the Lions would finish 9-8, while the Commanders would finish 8-8-1.

Finally, the Seahawks. For the Lions to pass the Seahawks (assuming the Lions win out), they will need the Seahawks to finish 1-1 or worse in their final two games. If that happens, the Lions would finish 9-8, while the Seahawks would finish 8-9.

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Remember, for the Lions to earn the final Wild Card spot in the 2022 NFL Playoffs, they will have to win out AND have two of the three teams listed above to give them some help.

Nation, do you think the Lions will find their way into the NFL Playoffs, or will Saturday's loss to the Panthers end up being a crusher?

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