How the Detroit Lions plan to maximize D’Andre Swift’s durability

D'Andre Swift looks bigger and stronger than he did just one year ago and he hopes that will help keep him on the field for the Detroit Lions during the upcoming 2022 season.

Earlier in the offseason, Lions running backs coach Deuce Staley presented a challenge to Swift.

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That challenge is essentially for Swift to understand that there is a difference between being hurt and being injured and that you can play when you are hurt but you can't play when you are injured.

“Injuries happen, but one of the things Swift and I had a conversation about is you’ve got to be able to play through some of these injuries as a running back,” Staley said. “We all know there’s a difference between being injured and hurt. As soon as you step in this building as a running back, Day One training camp, you’re not going to feel the same.

“There will be some things you have to fight through.”

How the Detroit Lions plan to maximize D'Andre Swift's durability

Prior to Friday's training camp practice, Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell spoke to reporters and he explained the plan to maximize D'Andre Swift's durability heading into the upcoming season.

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“It goes without saying that Swift is one of our most explosive players on offense,” Campbell said. “We feel like if we set this up right and there’s any space, this guy could take it to the house. He’s got that ability. My gosh, you want those guys out there every play. I would like to see if, man, can we get him out of camp, get his legs under him, get him in really good shape, get the intensity, get the volume under him and then see what he looks like.”

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Campbell told reporters that in 2021, they never really got Swift ready for the season and then they gave him an unexpected amount of reps in the Lions' Week 1 matchup vs. the San Francisco 49ers.

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“We never really got to put a load on him and get him ready for the season,” Campbell said. “We get him ready for San Fran, and he takes quite a bit of reps. We didn’t want to do that but it just kind of happened that way. We throw him a screen, he takes it to the house. You’re just trying to win a game.

“He didn’t get the load in camp, and first game out of the box he’s got quite a load on him. It starts to stack over time, we don’t make it through the season. I kind of think that maybe (the injuries) started in camp.”

Nation, what are your expectations for D'Andre Swift in 2022?

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