Ian Kinsler beats Jose Iglesias in paper-rock-scissors, proceeds to bash him in head with water jug [Video]

Prior to Wednesday’s game between the Detroit Tigers and the Boston Red Sox, Tigers 2B Ian Kinsler and SS Jose Iglesias decided to kill a bit of time in the clubhouse by engaging in a friendly game of paper-rock-scissors.

Well, at least it seemed friendly enough until Kinsler’s “scissors” beat Iglesias’ “paper” and Kinsler decided to celebrate by bashing Iglesias over the head with an empty water jug. Luckily for us, Justin Verlander posted the entire thing to his Instagram account! Listen to the clubhouse erupt in laughter after Iglesias gets whacked upside the head by Kinsler.

After losing the last two games of the series to the Chicago White Sox this past Sunday, the Tigers roared back to win three straight against the Red Sox in Boston. Things seem to be looking up…at least for now.

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