Ian Kinsler wants the front office to hold off on selling

Monday night’s late-inning comeback victory over the Seattle Mariners was an emotional one for Ian Kinsler and the Detroit Tigers. Kinsler almost single-handedly took care of the offense by hitting two home runs in the game. The second one came with two outs in the bottom of the eighth inning and ended up propelling the Tigers to a 5-4 victory.

Following the game, Kinsler had a message for the Tigers front office regarding his thoughts on the team selling before the trade deadline.

“I would like to send any message I can. Text message, email, whatever,” Kinsler said. “Yeah, we’ve always had the pieces. Yes, we have weaknesses. Yes, we have strengths, just like any team. But baseball’s crazy. Every year you see something crazy happen in this game and you have to continue to compete, and you have to continue to play hard, and hopefully the guys upstairs see something positive and try to shore up those weaknesses.”

The Tigers currently trail the first place Kansas City Royals by 9.5 games but sit only 4.o games out of the Wild Card. Kinsler knows that baseball is a funny game and that anything can happen with 70 games still remaining.

“I hope there’s urgency in this clubhouse. If you’re asking me personally, absolutely. I don’t want to be in a situation I haven’t been in since 2008. I’ve been running for the postseason since 2009, year in and year out. I don’t want to do the other thing. I don’t want to just play baseball for no reason. There’s a lot of opportunity here, and I think everybody understands that and hopefully there’s still urgency here.” Kinsler said.

“It’s our fault. We’re playing the games. It’s a tough industry.” Kinsler said. “The Tigers organization has to make a decision. Obviously for the past however long — six, seven years, they’ve had the best interests in mind. Whatever they do, we have to roll with it, and hopefully it’s something that we can look at as a positive in here and get going.”

Kinsler is right, crazy things happen in the game of baseball on a regular basis, but if he wants the Tigers to refrain from selling, then the team needs to go on a roll immediately.