If Detroit Lions lose Aaron Glenn, they will be compensated

    If the Detroit Lions end up losing defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn to another NFL team looking to hire a head coach, they will be compensated. Over the Lions' first seven games, Glenn was the defensive coordinator of the worst defense in the NFL by a solid margin. But, during the Lions' final ten games of the season, a stretch where they went 8-2, the defense was pretty solid. Because of this, Glenn has already landed two in-person interviews.

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    Why it Matters for the Detroit Lions

    If you have been following along, Glenn has already had in-person interviews for two NFL teams in need of a head coach. If Glenn is hired as a head coach by another NFL team, the Lions will be compensated.

    Lions' compensation if Aaron Glenn leaves

    So, what compensation would the Lions get if Glenn becomes head coach of another NFL team?

    Well, if Glenn is hired as a head coach, a rule put in place by the NFL would mean the Lions will be compensated with a pair of third-round compensatory picks. This compensation would come because of an NFL rule rewarding teams that help develop minority coaches and executives.

    From Pro Football Talk:

    Those third-round picks will come after the compensatory picks that are awarded to teams for losing free agent players. We don’t yet know how many third-round compensatory picks will be awarded for losing free agents, but if there were five regular third-round compensatory picks, those would be picks Nos. 97-101. Then the first compensatory pick for losing a minority player or executive would be No. 102.

    In 2022, the Los Angeles Rams were awarded a pair of third-round compensatory picks after Brad Holmes was hired by the Lions.

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