Illinois coach Brad Underwood has his panties in a bunch over Michigan’s basketball schedule

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Illinois head coach Brad Underwood is clearly not happy about the fact that No. 3 Michigan will only be playing 17 Big Ten games this season due to COVID-19 and he proved that with a pretty weak comment on Saturday afternoon following his team’s 74-69 win over Wisconsin.

“We’re going to honor the (postponed games) b/c we’re a member of this league. We’re not gonna be the teams that pick & choose what we play for whatever. We’re going to show up. I think it’s about character, & this team has a ton of it.”

Underwood, of course, is referring to the fact that Michigan will only play 17 games rather than the scheduled 20 and he must believe that if the Wolverines had to play a full schedule, the standings could look different than they do.

If Underwood and his team want to make a statement, they will have their opportunity in three days in Ann Arbor.

Illinois, who is now 18-6 overall (14-4 in the Big Ten) will square off against Michigan (18-1 overall, 13-1 in the Big Ten) on Tuesday night. If Illinois wins, they will still have a shot at winning the Big Ten and Underwood may have a beef. If the Wolverines take care of business, it is game, set, and match and Underwood will have to find somebody who cares about him believing that Michigan lucked out by not playing a full schedule.


7 thoughts on “Illinois coach Brad Underwood has his panties in a bunch over Michigan’s basketball schedule”

  1. Underwood’s comments had to do with Michigan not playing them when the game was scheduled, but Michigan’s woman’s team was able to play the same night at Purdue. The writer is a bit confused.

  2. So “find somebody who cares..” .. really? that’s all you got to end this? Anyone who think the schedule break Michigan got the midst of a pandemic… doesn’t help them is fooling no one. And the byline “panties in a bunch” is a very lame and sexist way to express it. If Illinois wins or comes close without their All American guard at full strength (due to a bush league MSU hard foul that resulted in a flagrant foul and ejection from the game) we shall see who is the best in the Big Ten.

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