In Brad Holmes And Dan Campbell We Trust


We Are Excited To See The Plan Unfold From Brad Holmes And Dan Campbell For Our Detroit Lions.

In Brad Holmes And Dan Campbell We Trust
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David Pyke: In Brad Holmes and Dan Campbell we trust. I mean for me, I have nothing, but the utmost confidence in Brad Holmes and Dan Campbell, because ever since they have come into Detroit, ever since they assumed the mantle of GM and head coach, they have had a clear plan, a clear idea of what they wanted to do. It wasn't like there were throwing darts at a dartboard and saying I wonder what one will stick.

And if it sticks, that's what we go with. They're like, no, this is exactly what we're going to do. We're going to follow the plan. We're going to trust the process as Brad Holmes likes to say, and we're going to stick to our guns here. Regardless of what all the national media pundits say here, regardless of what people outside of the building want to tell them they should do.

They're like, listen, we know what we want to do, and this is what we're going to do. And it's so refreshing to have a GM and head coach that has a clear plan on what they want to do and do in Detroit, after so many years in regimes where it felt like they were just wandering around stumbling in the dark.

We Trust In Brad Holmes

Nick Bradley: Yeah. It's a beautiful thing. Also, Brad Holmes has been awesome so far knock on wood. Hopefully, these guys, he just drafted all pan out. But outside of actual moves that they've made and personnel they've gotten, I just think that's so fun, I just like the GM and the coach. 

Matt Patricia. I actually couldn't stand looking at the guy, let alone rooting for him. And Dan Campbell, even if it never works out, if nothing ever comes of it, hey, you know what, at least I was a fan, I enjoyed him. At least he seemed like a good dude and was somebody that I wanted to see be successful.

It's hard. It's hard to have a head coach of your favorite team and the guys like you just don't, you’re not into it. Do you know what I mean? Like Matt Patricia, he's the coach of the Lions, so I guess I want him to win, but 

David Pyke: I'm going to actually be entirely fair because when we first hired Matt Patricia, I tried to be hopeful about him.

We Trust In Dan Campbell

Hey, this is a guy that has won multiple Super Bowls with the Patriots. I was like, could he finally get the Lions to actually have some of the semblances of success? So at first I was for Matt Patricia, but the problem is that he came into a perfect situation where we had a playoff team. In essence, when we had Jim Caldwell, we went to the playoffs two times under his four years as head coach.

And for Matt Patricia's ability to have a winning program in New England, he just could not make it work in Detroit. And I think a lot of that was the fact that he thought he was the smartest guy in the room. He thought that he could do things his own way. Players in Detroit don't work that way. Players in Detroit want somebody that is personable, that will be able to talk to them, and will actually be able to relate to them.

And Matt Patricia just couldn't do that. But with Dan Campbell, you can relate to him. He is a player's coach because he actually was a player and played for Detroit. He knows what it's like to play in this city and to play for the Lions and knows that struggle so he can relate very well to these players. In Brad Holmes and Dan Campbell we trust

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