Indiana is not happy about Big Ten’s decision to change rule for Ohio State

Heading into the 2020 Big Ten season, each team in the conference was scheduled to play 8 regular-season games with a minimum of 6 games played to be eligible to play in the Big Ten Championship Game.

Well, as you have probably heard by now, Ohio State, who is undefeated, was scheduled to play their 6th game of the season this Saturday against Michigan, but the game has been canceled due to COVID-19 concerns.

But, rather than keeping the rule put in place before the season, the Big Ten decided on Wednesday to waive the 6-game minimum rule and allow Ohio State to play in the Big Ten Championship Game.

Had the Big Ten not changed the rule, it would have been Indiana who would have advanced.

Following the news, Indiana Vice President & Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Scott Dolson released a statement expressing his University’s disappointment in the Big Ten’s decision to change their rule for Ohio State.

In my opinion, the Hoosiers would have a much bigger beef had they not lost against the Buckeyes in their only head-to-head matchup.

What do you think?

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