Is an Amon-Ra St. Brown holdout in the cards for Detroit Lions?

Is an Amon-Ra St. Brown holdout in the cards for Detroit Lions?

Is an Amon-Ra St. Brown holdout in the cards for Detroit Lions?

Amon-Ra St. Brown has proven to be an invaluable asset to the Detroit Lions, earning the potential for a substantial pay raise following the 2023 season. Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press has suggested that St. Brown could hold out of training camp if he does not have a contract extension in place.

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What did Dave Birkett Say?

Lions beat writer Dave Birkett, in his recent mailbag, discussed the potential contract scenario for St. Brown. He suggests that while the team might delay Sewell’s contract due to the fifth-year option, prioritizing St. Brown and Goff could be the more strategic choice. Birkett even goes so far as to recommend that St. Brown consider holding out of training camp next summer to negotiate a better deal, given his current salary status.

“I'd say the Lions could wait one more year on a deal for Penei Sewell since they have a fifth-year option (they no doubt will exercise) on his rookie contract,” Birkett writes. “Sewell is on pace to be the highest-paid offensive tackle in football, but if they delay that deal one year they still should be able to afford some defensive upgrades while locking up St. Brown and Goff.”

Birkett explains further, “If I was St. Brown, I probably would hold out of training camp next summer, when he's due a comparatively paltry base salary of $1.055 million (that will go up once the proven performance escalator kicks in), until I got a new deal.”

Why it Matters for Amon-Ra St. Brown and the Detroit Lions

As Lions' GM Brad Holmes strategizes for the future, deciding which core roster members to secure with second contracts becomes paramount. Key players like Aidan Hutchinson and Penei Sewell have already established themselves as essential to the team's structure, and Jared Goff and Jonah Jackson will also have to be given huge contract extensions to stick around.

However, it’s St. Brown's situation garners special attention. Based on his outstanding production, a lucrative deal seems imminent, one that would place him among the NFL’s highest-paid wide receivers. The question is, will the Lions pay him before a potential holdout? I think they will.

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Amon-Ra St. Brown is poised for a significant contract upgrade due to his high productivity.
  2. Lions GM Brad Holmes faces strategic decisions on player contracts, with St. Brown a top priority.
  3. Beat writer Dave Birkett suggests St. Brown should consider holding out for a better deal next summer.

The Bottom Line – A Crucial Offseason Ahead

The upcoming offseason will be crucial for the Detroit Lions, particularly in handling Amon-Ra St. Brown‘s contract situation. Dave Birkett's suggestion for St. Brown to hold out reflects a broader strategic approach to contract negotiations in the NFL, especially for players who have outperformed their current deals. The Lions' decision on St. Brown's contract will not only affect their financial flexibility but will also send a message about their commitment to retaining top talent. As they aim to build a competitive team, managing these key contract negotiations effectively will be vital. St. Brown's potential holdout could be a significant moment in the Lions’ offseason strategy, setting the tone for future player-team negotiations.