Is Russell Wilson headed to the NFC North?

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The offseason in the NFL has already been pretty interesting and things could get pretty crazy before all is said and done as both Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks and Deshaun Watson of the Houston Texans could be traded.

According to a report from the Chicago Tribune, multiple sources of theirs have indicated that the Chicago Bears are prioritizing a trade to acquire Wilson.

From Chicago Tribune:

The thinking among multiple sources is the Bears have prioritized making a run at Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. His agent included the team on a list of four clubs Wilson would approve a trade to, although it hasn’t yet reached the point where he’s asked out. Two of the other three teams on Wilson’s list probably can be ruled out. The New Orleans Saints are mired in salary-cap hell and the Dallas Cowboys are expected to keep Dak Prescott. The fourth is the Las Vegas Raiders, and they’ve showed strong public support for Derek Carr.

On behalf of Detroit Lions fans everywhere….

PLEASE do not let this happen!