Is this it for Jerami Grant in Detroit?

Ryan and Matt discuss the possibility of Jerami Grant leaving and what it means for the young team

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Matt Bassin: Star player not named Cade Cunningham, Jeremy Grant being shut down for the season. Just like the title says at the bottom, right? Is this the last we have seen of Jeremy Grant as a Detroit piston?

Ryan Griffin: I think it is. I hope it is. I'm not happy that it had to come this way, or he is hurt because you're never going to wish that on a guy, but I hope the pistons move on.

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This will give the pistons a few more opportunities to play. Some of the young guys, Isaiah Livers is going to get a ton of minutes out of this. Marvin Bagley is going to play more at the power forward spot. I would imagine out of this. And then Dwayne Casey already came out and said, expect more shots for Siddique Bay.

So long-term, I think it's a good thing for the pistons. I do. Somebody, whether it be the trailblazer. So we talked about on our last show or another mystery team, no one's even thought of is going to come in and swoop up Jeremy Grant, around the draft during the draft or whatever the case may be.

But I think we've seen Jeremy Grant's last game as a piston. I wish him all the. He was pretty good while he was here, put together a semi-all-star campaign last year, wanted to come here, Study wanted to play for a black city, a black coach, a black GM, and he really embraced everything that Detroit was all about.

So I have no ill will at all towards Jeremy Grant. If that is indeed the last time that we see him in the pistons.

Matt Bassin: The man, revitalize his career here, 22 points per game last year, just over 19 points, a game this year, a lot of injury troubles. And I think part of that, was he was injured and then it was getting towards, the end of the trade deadline.

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And so it was like, all right, are they going to make something happen? Don't risk him getting hurt. Let's see if we can get him, traded it didn't happen. So then he came back and started playing. He was playing really well, then this calf injury happened and there's no reason to push it.

It's not like we're pushing for a playoff spot, we're 20 and 55. So you know, I get it. I appreciate what he brought here. Cause he, he brought it. When he played, he brought it. He didn't have acid. He made the most of his time here set all the right things, play the right way, just like you.

I wish them the absolute best, but that'll be interesting to see now because when we were doing sports carnage and we were talking about the hope of, getting Cade Cunningham, and then we got Cade Cunningham and we were talking about the youth of this. And how young this team really is. And Jeremy Grant was a little bit of an outlier, cause he's a little bit older than the group we were talking about.

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We were talking about 20-year-olds, 21-year-olds, 22-year-olds. And we got a ton of them on the pistons. And Jeremy Grant was what, 26, 27, I think so a little bit older than that. So now we get to see what this youth movement is going to look like for the rest of this year. All the guys you mentioned, obviously Cade, Kilian, we're going to see what these guys can bring to the table, as a young group that's growing together and we've seen in the second half of the season, they play a lot better as a team and we've seen that growth. And so now for the rest of the year, we're going to see it without Jeremy Grant. And who knows maybe because Grant's not out there Cade's is going to be putting up 30, 10, and 10 to finish off the year.

And for them to give that man, the rookie of the year.

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