Isaiah Livers among players to call out NCAA president Mark Emmert for delaying meeting

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Michigan’s Isaiah Livers, Rutgers’ Geo Baker and Iowa’s Jordan Bohannon are helping to protest inequalities in collegiate sports, and have now gotten a response.

NCAA President Mark Emmert has informed NCPA executive director Ramogi Huma that he will meet with the players, but after March Madness.

The players have now responded, stating their disappointment over the meeting delay.

From our perspective, it’s difficult to imagine any higher priority you may have at this time than addressing concerns that are at the core of state and federal college athletes’ rights legislation, an upcoming U.S. Supreme Court ruling on college athletes’ economic freedoms, and the NCAA’s ongoing discriminatory treatment of female basketball players in its tournament,” the players wrote in a letter released by the NCPA. “Can you please explain what you will be doing over the next two weeks that is more important than addressing these matters?”

The full letter can be viewed below:

Livers was seen wearing a shirt with #NotNCAAProperty written on the front during Michigan’s NCAA tournament opener against Texas Southern on Saturday and again last night vs. LSU.

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