Isiah Thomas apologizes to city of Detroit, Pistons’ fans

With no live sports to watch on television, the talk of the town has become the ESPN documentary, “The Last Dance,” which has aired the past two Sunday nights.

This past Sunday, Episode 3 and 4 were shown and an event that happened nearly 30 years ago was brought back to our attention.

That event took place in the final game of the 1991 Eastern Conference Finals when the Chicago Bulls were seconds away from finally getting past the Detroit Pistons. Rather than waiting for the game to end, the Pistons decided to walk off the court and into the locker room without shaking hands while 7.9 seconds still remained on the clock.

It was clear during his interview on “The Last Dance” that Michael Jordan still has his panties in a bunch about the whole incident as he felt the move to walk off without shaking hands was disrespectful.

One person who regrets the decision to walk off is Pistons legend Isiah Thomas, who recently apologized to the city of Detroit and to the fans.

From Forbes:

During an appearance on ESPN’s “Get Up,” Thomas apologized and said it also “personally hurt” him to be left off the 1992 Dream Team.

“As Jalen [Rose] sits here with his Detroit shirt on representing Detroit proudly, I represented Detroit and the West Side of Chicago where I came from,” Thomas said during his appearance with Rose and ESPN’s Mike Greenberg.

“And the fact that I have to sit here today and Jalen, Chris Webber, Steve Smith, who I work with, the hurt that those guys feel for me having to be in this moment, I apologize to them and Detroit for all of us in this moment because as a leader of the team and as a leader of that community, why I’m personally hurt is another reason why I’m here because being left off the Dream Team, that personally hurt me.”

No apology is needed, Isiah! Thank you for everything that you did for Detroit!

Written by Arnold Powell


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