Isiah Thomas hilariously trolled Michael Jordan after Indiana beat North Carolina

On Wednesday night in college basketball, No. 13 Indiana pulled off the upset of No. 3 North Carolina, defeating them 76-67 as part of the annual ACC-Big Ten Challenge.

But that’s not what this is about. If this was just another November basketball upset, it would hardly be news. However, since the outcome re-sparked a Hall of Fame rivalry, I am all about this action, boss.

Pistons legend and Indiana-alum decided to have a little fun with his longtime rival and noted Tar Heel, Michael Jordan, by using what has inarguably become the most famous Jordan photo to date: the cry face.


Can’t tell how happy Zeke is? I got you, fam.


Finally, there’s a trilogy to the rivalry that has given us the 1985 All-Star Game freeze out of Michael Jordanot, as well as the unbelievable farce that was John Stockton earning a Dream Team spot over Thomas.

As far as I’m concerned, Indiana earned two wins over North Carolina last night and I won’t hear any arguments to the contrary .

This is excellent.

Only when you realize that Thomas didn’t come to the game equipped with the crying Jordan cut out, but rather got so caught up in the moment that when a college kid aged 18-22 that never even got to see Isiah play offered Thomas the cut out, he examined it, accepted it, and turned around to make sure all the Hoosiers faithful saw it, can you understand just how excellent it really is.

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