VIDEO: Tom Izzo’s speech from Michigan Sports Hall Of Fame ceremony

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On Thursday, Michigan State University head basketball coach Tom Izzo was inducted into the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame. Anyone who is familiar with Izzo knows that he is not one to celebrate personal milestones, especially while a season is in progress. That being said, while he was on the drive from East Lansing to Detroit for the induction ceremony, Izzo took some time to reflect on some of those milestones and accomplishments.

“On the ride down I got a chance to do something you don’t get to do very often in this profession, and that’s reflect on all the great players I had and all the people that did stuff for me to get a chance to be inducted into something like this,” Izzo said before the ceremony began.

Izzo was given his Hall of Fame plaque by former Spartan player Greg Kelser. He then went on to thank many of the important people in his life that helped him to get to where he is today. He also acknowledged those who were inducted into the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame before him.

“When you look at the people who have been inducted into the Hall, it stands at the top for me,” said Izzo, “There are so many great people who have been inducted — the men and women I watched compete. I have a great appreciation for all those people who did so much before. To think I’m in the fraternity — it’s incredibly special.”

Finally, Izzo addressed all of his supporters, those who attended the ceremony and those who support him from afar. Specifically, he let them know that he still has a goal in mind.

“I hope that before I’m done we bring another championship back to this great state, and we’re going to work hard to do it.”

This is obviously music to the ears of anyone who is a fan of Michigan State basketball. Izzo recently turned 60 years old, but he still has the fire inside that it takes to win basketball games. I, for one would not mind seeing him make at least one more run at a Final 4, as long as it does not cost my Wolverines!