Jake Cronenworth supporter was ‘ready to square up’ after catching foul ball at Tigers game [Video]

If you happened to tune into Bally Sports Detroit for Monday’s game between the Detroit Tigers and San Diego Padres, you not only got to see a rare Tigers victory, but you also got to see a pretty sweet catch by a Jake Cronenworth supporter who was not about to give up the ball, or his cocktail.

What made this extra cool is that I just so happen to know this particular fan and it does not surprise me at all that this former three-sport athlete (not to mention a stud on the links) had the ultra-concentration not only to track the baseball before making the catch but to do so while not spilling a single drop of his beverage. (Maybe a rum and coke?)

Watch as this fan, who we will just call T-Po for the time being, makes a sweet catch to shatter the dreams of an adult Tigers fan who BROUGHT HIS BASEBALL GLOVE (not judging) to the game with the hopes of going home with a souvenir.

As you will see, T-Po, who is a Tigers fan but was at the game to support Cronenworth (more on that later) may (or may not have) been “ready to square up” after catching the foul ball.

Great catch, T-Po!!! Something tells me that your family, including your Dad (best coach EVER in the Metro Conference), your Mom (probably cooking an amazing meal or shopping on QVC when it happened), and your brothers (one who is likely still wearing strength shoes to increase his vertical and the other who is reminiscing about the days when he would cruise through The Hills in his sweet white Corvette) are very proud of you!

Jake Cronenworth returns home to play in Comerica Park

Also, a special shout-out to San Diego Padres 2B Jake Cronenworth‘s dad, Charles, who was at the game with T-Po and a bunch of other Cronenworth supporters from St. Clair, Michigan.

“It’s so great to see him out there and to see everyone come out and support him,” Cronenworth’s father, Charlie, said. “We’ve got all these people from St. Clair over [in the outfield seats] with their shirts, we’ve got family, and we’ve got a bunch of coworkers here to see it. 

“It’s been a great, great night.”

Cronenworth, who played college baseball at the University of Michigan, grew up roughly an hour north of Comerica Park in St. Clair, Michigan. Monday was the first time he played at Comerica Park as a member of the Padres.

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