Jalen Rose has bold prediction if Detroit Lions draft Tua Tagovailoa [Video]

One person who believes the Detroit Lions should select QB Tua Tagovailoa is Jalen Rose.

On a recent episode of ESPN’s ‘Get Up,’ Rose not only said the Lions should draft Tua, but that he would eventually lead the Lions to a Super Bowl.

“The most important position in football is quarterback,” Rose said on Get Up. “Why don’t we redshirt Tua, let Matthew Stafford pay his last bid to Detroit. Allow him to groom Tua. Trade him, because eventually when we do a big move it’s going to be with the Patriots anyway.”

Rose also said the Lions would eventually make a big deal with the New England Patriots.

“Our front office is in lockstep with them. We are eventually going to do a big deal with them. Imagine, we redshirt Tua, trade them Matthew Stafford at the end of this year, and Tua becomes our quarterback the year after. And we get our parade in downtown Detroit after.”

Watch the full clip of what Rose had to say by clicking on the video below.