Jamaal Williams comments on Dan Campbell making Lions practice in pads

Jamaal Williams, running back for the Detroit Lions, appeared on a recent episode of “The Pivot” with hosts Ryan Clark, Channing Crowder, and Fred Taylor, and he spoke about head coach Dan Campbell‘s decision to have the team practice in full pads late in the season. Williams expressed gratitude for the motivation provided by the move and acknowledged that there are certain stages in the season where the team needs that extra push. Campbell’s approach clearly paid off, as the Lions finished the season strong with eight wins in their last ten games and a 9-8 overall record. The players respect and appreciate Campbell’s willingness to challenge them when necessary.

“We was using all our shoulder pads.” Williams said during the episode “And honestly, I thank DC for it. “Just because he’s giving us that motivation. You need that. You need those days where your coach is pushing you and you just be like, ‘Man, I just want to chill today.’ But, you need that oomph to get you going. I think it’s just a mental thing, and I think it helps the young players, too. “Just to let them know like, ‘you in the league, but you’re not here forever. This ain’t college. You’ve got to bring the oomph every day. This is your job.’

Key points:

  • Dan Campbell had the Lions practice in full pads late in the season
  • Jamaal Williams praised Campbell’s motivational tactics
  • The Lions finished the season with a 9-8 overall record, winning eight of their final ten games
  • Campbell’s willingness to challenge the team is respected and appreciated by the players
Jamaal Williams Dan Campbell Detroit Lions

The Big Picture: Jamaal Williams loves Dan Campbell’s coaching style

Dan Campbell’s decision to have the Lions practice in full pads late in the season clearly had a positive impact on the team. Williams’ comments show that the move was well-received by the players and helped to motivate them to finish the season strong. Campbell’s coaching style, which emphasizes a balance of support and challenge, appears to have resonated with the team and contributed to their success.

Written by W.G. Brady

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