James Hetfield from Metallica has message for Dan Campbell, Detroit Lions [Video]

    Ever since the moment Dan Campbell was hired as the next head coach of the Detroit Lions, he has made it pretty clear that he is a huge fan of Metallica. Campbell will regularly reference lyrics from some of Metallica's songs, and it really has become part of who he is as a head coach. Well, apparently James Hetfield of Metallica has been paying attention to Campbell, and on Thursday, he posted a message for the Lions' head coach.

    What did Metallica's James Hetfield say to Dan Campbell?

    Below is the video message that Hetfield made for Campbell.

    “This shout-out goes to Coach Campbell and all his awesome references to Metallica lyrics. Especially, ‘The light and the end of your tunnel.'

    “Yeah, Metallica's grateful to be played in his house, the Ford Field. And we're going to put in a good word for you with Rodger Goodell and see if you can get a bye week so you can come to see our show. Alright, Go Lions! Kick Butt!”

    Detroit Lions

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