James Houston Emerges as Elite Defensive Lineman for the Detroit Lions

    James Houston,Detroit Lions
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    Breakout Star James Houston Shines for Detroit

    Eric Vincent: The Detroit Lions James Houston. Again, I said it on the news desk. If anybody's comparing him to Von Miller. I saw somebody comparing his verse to Micah Parsons. I'm not arguing it anymore. I'm not fighting it. I try not to jump out too much, but he looks as explosive as any elite player that you can think of on the D-line. He looks fantastic. Shout out to James Houston in this Detroit Lions team. 

    A.J. Reilly: Okay, I get it right. There's hype, but really the man has played six NFL games, and I understand that he has eight sacks, okay? And he's been like, he's fun to watch on film. He's a great player and I wish that maybe he would've gotten a little bit more run at the beginning of the season. But can we just let the guy be? Can we not make comps? Just let him finish the season.

    Eric Vincent: Do you know who we are? Do you know who we are? 

    A.J. Reilly: I know. But, that's what I'm saying. Like just kindly and safely put down the blue Kool-Aid for a second and let's not make these comps right now. After six games. 

    Eric Vincent: I just, I, they're doing just… 

    A.J. Reilly: You're bagging on people for saying Justin Fields is underrated because of what he's done in a short time and now 

    Eric Vincent: Totally different. 

    A.J. Reilly: Now in six games. We want to say James Houston is Von Miller. 

    Eric Vincent: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Totally different.. 

    A.J. Reilly: Micah Parsons? 

    Eric Vincent: No, no, no, no. Different. Let me break it down better. There are parts of his game that are 1000% comparable to both of those guys. 

    A.J. Reilly: Okay. Okay. 

    detroit lions james houston

    Eric Vincent: James Houston and his bend, his athleticism, his ability to stay on the field.

    A.J. Reilly: Unbelievable. 

    Eric Vincent: While leading. 

    A.J. Reilly: Bull rushing a tackle into a sack. Like he didn't even touch Justin Fields. He made the tackle a sack. 

    Eric Vincent: Yes. 

    A.J. Reilly: That was awesome. 

    Eric Vincent: Yes. James Houston has a great array of moves. I think he has more moves than Aidan Hutchinson at this point. Like his spin, like he's done very good. So yes. No, I'm not saying he's gonna become Von Miller or Micah Parsons, but there are attributes of his game that look very similar to both of those guys. Without question. 

    A.J. Reilly: Okay, I'll accept that. Okay. I'll accept that. That I'll accept. But when you go 

    Eric Vincent: I'm back to my Kool-Aid.

    A.J. Reilly: Okay. Yeah, go ahead. Just slam it, but 

    Eric Vincent: Don't mind me... 

    A.J. Reilly: He is a lot of fun to watch. Really makes me wonder why it took them 11 games to get him on the field. 

    Eric Vincent: Me too. 

    A.J. Reilly: Especially when you had a defense that is bottom of the league in every way. They allow the most yards on the road or at home, according to, they allow the most yardage to a team every game. So the question is, why would he not be out there sooner? 

    Eric Vincent: Right? 

    A.J. Reilly: I don't know.

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    James Houston,Detroit Lions

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