Jameson Williams is ‘hoping to put on a show’ with 2023 Detroit Lions

Jameson Williams plan is to put on a show with the Detroit Lions when he returns from his six-game suspension.

On Monday, Jameson Williams participated in his first full padded training camp practice with the Detroit Lions. Williams experienced a blend of highs and lows during Monday's practice, which included a couple of skirmishes with rookie cornerback, Starling Thomas. Speaking to Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press after practice, Williams expressed his commitment to be one of the best in the game, hoping to put on a remarkable display with the Lions in 2023.

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Jameson Williams is ‘hoping to put on a show' with 2023 Detroit Lions

Williams noted his faith in hard work, as well as his focus on rehab and continuous practice despite having missed several important sessions. Despite coach Dan Campbell's concerns over Williams' missed practice sessions, Williams showed confidence, crediting his offseason throwing sessions with the Lions' quarterback Jared Goff and other receivers. Aiming to provide a brilliant performance in the 2023 season, Williams is ready to demonstrate the improvements he's made to his game.

“Just work. That’s it,” Williams said. “Work. That’s all it takes is work and I’m going to work to be the best. One day it’s going to come.”

“I feel like I get work every day,” Williams said. “I’m getting the same work as the whole team. I get to practice with the team, I get to work out with the team, I get to do everything with the team so I wouldn’t say it’s a sense of urgency.”

“A lot of people ain’t got a chance to see me play,” he said. “I played six games last year, got to miss six this year so I’m just hoping to go put a show on with me and my team, showing that we can do this.”

Key Points

  • Jameson Williams attended his first full padded training camp with the Lions.
  • Williams experienced both highs and lows during practice.
  • Despite missing important practice sessions, Williams expressed confidence in his progress.
  • Williams credits offseason throwing sessions for keeping him on track.
  • He aims to deliver a standout performance in the 2023 season.

Bottom Line – Jamo says he's committed to being great

Jameson Williams has certainly had some ups and downs (mostly downs) so far in his NFL career, but his optimism and commitment to his game are refreshing to hear. As a young player ready to prove his worth, his determination sends out a positive signal for the Detroit Lions. Despite having missed some critical practice sessions, his confidence remains unshaken, and he stands ready to display his honed skills in the upcoming season. The anticipation hangs heavy, as fans and critics alike await the show that Williams has promised to deliver, hoping that this new chapter for the Detroit Lions is as thrilling as the rookie receiver predicts.


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