Jared Goff Disrespected in NFL QB Rankings

In a recent release of their highly anticipated NFL quarterback rankings, Pro Football Focus has managed to ruffle the feathers of Detroit Lions fans by disrespecting their own signal-caller, Jared Goff. According to PFF, Goff finds himself ranked as the No. 16 quarterback in the league, trailing behind players such as Kirk Cousins, Deshaun Watson, Derek Carr, and even Geno Smith. It's a decision that has left many scratching their heads, questioning the validity and accuracy of such a ranking.

Jared Goff NFL QB Rankings

Bottom Line: Jared Goff Disrespected in NFL QB Rankings

Here is what PFF has to say about Jared Goff coming in at No. 16 on the list.

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Goff is in an outstanding offense with one of the best coordinators in football running the show. Depending on the numbers you look at, his stats will make him look like one of the best passers in football, but it’s clear to anybody with a critical eye that that doesn’t quite match reality. Goff ranked 19th last season in PFF passing grade and 30th in big-time throw rate. He is a solid quarterback for the offense he’s in but is not as good as some of the results would suggest.

Questionable Ranking Justified?

PFF attempts to justify their decision by pointing out Goff's situation, claiming he benefits from an exceptional offense and one of the league's premier coordinators. They argue that while Goff's stats may appear impressive, a closer examination reveals a discrepancy between the numbers and his actual performance. PFF cites Goff's 19th ranking in their passing grade metric from last season, along with a lowly 30th ranking in big-time throw rate, to bolster their case against him.

Goff's Brilliant 2022 Season

However, let's take a moment to revisit the 2022 season, where Goff's brilliance was on full display for the Lions. He defied expectations and silenced his critics by tossing an impressive 27 touchdowns while limiting interceptions to just nine. These outstanding numbers catapulted Goff to the No. 5 spot in the league in terms of total QBR, a metric that reflects a quarterback's overall performance. Let's not forget that Goff's remarkable efforts also guided the Lions to a respectable 9-8 record.

Jared Goff Detroit Lions

Unquestionably a Top 10 QB

In light of Goff's accomplishments and undeniable impact on the Lions' success, it is beyond comprehension to rank him as the 16th-best quarterback in the NFL. There is no question in my mind, and in the minds of many Lions fans, that Goff should be recognized as a Top 10 quarterback. His ability to make crucial throws under pressure, his poise in the pocket, and his leadership on and off the field all demonstrate that Goff possesses the qualities of an elite quarterback.

Goff's Potential Continues to Soar

It's important to remember that Goff is still a young quarterback with tremendous potential for growth and improvement. Despite facing setbacks earlier in his career, he has shown resilience and a remarkable ability to adapt and evolve. With the support of an ever-improving Lions team, Goff is poised to reach new heights in the upcoming season.

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Bottom Line: Goff will continue to prove the haters wrong

Rankings such as PFF's provide fuel for Goff's fire, igniting a burning desire within him to prove his detractors wrong once again. Throughout his career, Goff has faced doubts and criticisms, only to rise above them and achieve greatness. It is this indomitable spirit that will undoubtedly motivate him to continue his ascent and silence those who doubt his abilities.

Jared Goff's placement as the No. 16 quarterback in Pro Football Focus' rankings is a clear disrespect to his accomplishments and potential. His remarkable performance during the 2022 season, coupled with his ability to lead the Lions to victory, solidify his standing as a Top 10 quarterback in the NFL. Goff's determination and talent will undoubtedly fuel his pursuit of greatness, and his critics will soon find themselves silenced by his on-field prowess.

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