Jared Goff explains how Aidan Hutchinson will grow into a leader

According to Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff says Aidan Hutchinson is well on his way to becoming a leader.

It is not very often that rookies in the NFL are leaders on their team but according to Jared Goff, rookie Aidan Hutchinson is well on his way to becoming a leader on the Detroit Lions.

During a recent interview, Goff spoke very highly of Hutchinson for how he goes about his work and the effort he gives on a daily basis.

“First I'll start with his daily preparation, It's really high level for a young guy and a first year guy. Just seeing the way he carries himself every day and getting his work done,” Goff said. “He's doing the speak when spoken to right now. I think once he's able to prove himself on the field, he'll be able to form into that leader that he can be and that we all know he can be. But he's doing it the right way right now.

Jared Goff says Aidan Hutchinson nailed “Billie Jean” performance

By now, you have all probably heard that Aidan Hutchinson performed Michael Jackson's ‘Billie Jean' at a team meeting and according to all accounts, it was an epic performance.

In fact, Jared Goff says Hutchinson's performance is the best he has ever seen.

“And, I think his his song, — he sung Billie Jean. Best i've ever seen. Not even close. I think it just speaks to his confidence. He's a confident kid. He's a charismatic kid. He works extremely hard. He works his tail off. And we all respect him for that. I think he'll grow into a leader sooner than later.”

According to reports, Hutchinson's performance of “Billie Jean” will be aired on HBO's Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Detroit Lions tonight at 10 p.m.

Nation, do you plan to tune in to see Aidan Hutchinson on Hard Knocks?